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In "Parenting Beyond Your Upbringing", 

Denise writes about her personal journey of overcoming an upbringing of 

dysfunction and abuse. This inspirational book will help you, step by step, 

overcome all that might be standing in 

your way of being the parent that you 

want to be.  Denise walks you through 

the same steps she took to create the 

happy, healthy family she always wanted.No matter what - you too can overcome 

and gain victory in your life. 


" Your book is truly a mighty work of God to help others through the healing process to break generational curses or to heal wounds from childhood. Thank you for being open with your life to encourage others to be free in Christ as they pursue His healing. Would also like to recommend your book to the Leaders, to incorporate into our Ministry training later in the year". -Mary D.

The Impact of  "Parenting Beyond Your Upbringing"
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