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Beyond Your Upbringing

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Parenting Beyond


Are you tired of feeling inadequate or defeated as a parent?

Learn how to break patterns of dysfunction and start a new and transformed life for you and your family.

Mark and Denise helps parents connect emotionally to their children so that they can lead effectively with love, confidence, and grace. Denise brings an inspirational message of hope, through sharing her personal journey--she beats the odds, broke patterns of abuse, and established parenting patterns of renewal. 

In this book, Denise shares how to gain P.O.W.E.R. over your past so that  you can be the parent you want to be:

  • Pinpoint the Problem

  • Overcome vs. Stay a Victim

  • Walk in Forgiveness

  • Embrace New Thinking

  • Release, Repent, and Resist

Online Class Coming Soon

We Help Rebuild Families Through Healing

Our eight-week, self-paced, online parenting course will teach parents how to connect emotionally to their children so they can lead effectively with love, confidence, and grace by using our 5 step proven system. This course will correspond with Denise's book, Parenting Beyond Your Upbringing. Our course will be available soon for individuals and churches.

Denise Engelbrecht

Motivational Speaker, Author, Teacher, Leader, Emotional Healing Coach

Denise is a motivational speaker, author, and Certified Living Waters Heart Healing Coach. She's also a mother of 7 and Mimi.


Denise's purpose and lifelong goals are to help rebuild families. Her passion comes from growing up in a dysfunctional home of abuse and trauma. She always longed for that close-knit family to call her own as she became an adult. However, as she became a wife and mother, she realized that the patterns of her upbringing followed her. Desperate to find a way to create the home environment she dreamed of as a child, she cried out to God for help. Little by little, God showed her an emotional healing process that led to a better life for herself and her family.


Denise and her husband, Mark, are dedicated to helping others break free from past adversity that keeps parents stuck. Mark and Denise beat the odds and established life patterns of renewal.  Together, they teach God-given life patterns in their 5 step approach to gain P.O.W.E.R. over your past to move forward in successful parenting.

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