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Hi, my name is Denise Engelbrecht.

My passion is to see restoration of families, not just in the home but also in the church.

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Sometimes our past can cause us to have self-limited beliefs that can even hinder our relationship with God. When we recognize what is holding us back, it can change everything. It's time to thrive and not just survive!

Gain P.O.W.E.R. over your pain with a proven 5-step approach. No matter what challenges you have faced, these 5 steps will help your heart heal and overcome the obstacles in your way.

Speaking Topics

Gain P.O.W.E.R

Over Your Pain

Knowing and Understanding God's Love

How to Thrive,

Not Just Survive

Better Parenting by Healing Root Issues

Restoration of




Denise Engelbrecht is the God-given example of how to go from victim to victory over life circumstances.

Dr. Ebony Bowers

Keynote #1

How to Thrive Not Just Survive

Audience Takeaways:

Main lies that keep us separated from God

How to address the barriers keeping us from knowing God, His love, and His provision.

Life patterns that need to be relearned to let God lead us.

How to change the head knowledge of God's love and provision into heart knowledge.

Audience Takeaways:

P - PINPOINT the obstacle by tracking from the fruits of your life to the roots of it.

O - Learn how to OVERCOME instead of remaining a victim of what happened.

W - How to WALK IN FORGIVENESS and freedom.

E - Learn how and why we need to EMBRACE new thinking.

R - As we learn healing and a new way of life, we will need to learn how to RELEASE, REPENT, and RESIST the old patterns.

Keynote #2

Gain P.O.W.E.R Over Your Pain

Gain emotional healing and let God remove the obstacles that block the fullness of life in relationships with:

  • God

  • Family

  • Church

  • Your tribe

  • Yourself

Workshop #1

Better Parenting by Healing Root Issues

Audience Takeaways:

What was your model of parenting like growing up?

How is the model you learned affecting you as a parent?

How to turn to God and break unproductive cycles in your parenting.

How to connect with your children by providing them with not just their physical needs but emotional needs as well.


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"Your story challenged us to think about the far-reaching effects of child abuse and neglect and encouraged the people of our community to be active and vigilant in our efforts to support healthy families and children. You are an inspiration of hope for us."


Dede Eller, The Parenting Place

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